We take pride in our products. We have nurtured our proprietary wild yeast sourdough starter since 2018, and plan to pass it down to our child(ren). We use organically grown Colorado wheat berries that we mill in-house to make our whole wheat flour. We use organic whole rye berries to make our own rye flour. We mix, fold, and shape all of our breads by hand. Tradition is important, but innovation and good old-fashioned fun really drive the creative bread-making process. Our goal is to try new things, accept when things aren’t perfect (they never are), and celebrate a really delicious loaf of bread.


We believe in diversity. We welcome positive, forward-moving change that showcases our differences and promotes equal treatment and opportunities among all human beings in all communities. We are dedicated to educating ourselves, engaging in difficult but important conversations, and passing along the values learned to the next generation.


Mama and the Fig contributes 11% of all proceeds to charity. Why not an even 10? Because this one goes to 11! In 2020, we are donating to Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. This organization focuses on academics and careers, character and leadership, and healthy lifestyles for children ages 6-18. They provide opportunities for team sports, cooking classes, career planning, exploring the great outdoors, and much more. Approximately 90% of the kids it serves identify as BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/People of Color). We are proud to contribute to The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver this year, and look forward to making a contribution to another great charity in 2021!